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Mt name is Crystal Almen, I have 14 years experience working in the medical field. I was a CNA for 12 years unfortunately last year I let my CNA license expire. I also am a first responder and dental specialist. I'm in the army reserve and serve the 7247th medical support unit. I love helping people and am good company. I am reliable, organized, compassionate, and a team player. If I sound like someone you would like to consider please contact me by phone 701-520-4407 or email
East Grand Forks 56721

Caregivers Lynchburg Virginia
My name is Kaylin. I am 19 with 2 kids and recently got my PCA certificate. I am very outgoing and want to help make a difference for you or your family member. I love to help with cleaning or can also just do it myself. I love learning from others and also helping others learn. I want to help make a difference. I can not drive but can get myself where I need to be. Phone: 218.404.4199
Caregivers Eveleth, Gilbert, Virginia Zip code 55741

Private Duty RN Minneapolis
High Risk OB, Post partum/newborn aftercare - RN For Hire with 25 years experience working with mothers and babies. I am passionate about nursing. I can provide you with the very best aftercare and infant teaching services available. I can also provide high risk obstetric patients with caring, private duty nursing. I am available to work in your home days or evenings. I offer 7 day, and 14 day post partum options as well as long term options...depending on need. I invite you to contact me directly to discuss my services. I will be more than happy to visit you in your home for an assessment and to provide you with my background information.
Caregivers 55304

Private Duty LPN Milwaukee
Hello, my name is Taylor and I have been a LPN nurse for a little over a year now. I am currently looking for a live in private duty job position. I have had most of me experience with the elderly dementia and non dementia and was a cna for 6 yrs prior to becoming a nurse I am very caring and have an extreme passion to care for people in need of care. I have quite a bit of experience with private duty and have great character references upon request. I believe and as well as many others I have cared for I am great at what I love to do. Please contact me. Thank you

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